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The fuel sources available include natural gas ( NG ), propane ( LP ) and our newest variation – Bio fuel or more commonly known as ethanol. 
All of our firepits are available as a matchlit option, which means to operate you turn a key that releases gas/propane that is ignited with any type of BBQ lighter/match. One advantage of this ignition is the amount of gas and thus the flame can be adjusted up and down based on the preference. A tried and tested system this ignition is the most simple and thus most reliable option especially in climates with moderate to high precipitation. Although the matchlit option is most suitable for most projects you may require that your firepit have a remote or wall switch option. Our hot start ignition allows you to turn the flame on or off with a touch of your finger. A constant electrical connection is required and the flame is not adjustable. Electronic options range from 40,000 btus to 180,000 btus depending on model. 
We also offer a bio ethanol burner which are the most eco friendly fuel alternatives on the market. Bio fuel is derived from organic matter converted into a clear liquid which burns clean and is 100 % environmentally friendly. Bio fuels can be used indoors as they do not require mechanical venting or a chimney. Firepits with bio fuel burners are also smart option for indoor/outdoor use where it is impossible or difficult to run gas lines. Bio fuel burners are specified up to 28,000 BTU’s. 
Coloured fire glass is the latest edition to the accessories line. We have carefully selected four colours which complement our concrete finishes. Our selection of fire glass includes black, clear, teal and Caribbean ( a mix of 3 blues ). Glass is a wonderful material for firepits as it stays clean, emits no soot, doesn’t melt and has a captivating, contemporary appearance. All of the fire glass we sell is 100% recycled from discarded glass. 
Firestone, which was added last year, is also available if the client is seeking a more refined “river rock” look. Our firestone appears to be standard river rock but is actually refractory concrete pebbles made to to look like river rock. 
One would think that designing fire pit covers would not be much a challenge. In our world designing and fabricating a cover up to our standards requires a little more than the obvious. Once again the design and fabrication team worked alongside a local fabric manufacturer to design a cover that we are proud to put our name to. The covers are made of the very best marine grade Sunbrella material on the market. It allows the product to breathe and the material will withstand the high heat and low temperature fluctuations without cracking or splitting. Custom fit for each one of our products and available in either light grey or dark grey. 
We are pleased to offer a beautiful wood table top that is extremely functional and durable. This custom fit table top cover is available for the Hemi 26″, Hemi 36″ Firebowls and the Firebox 30″. We chose this South American Ipe as it is very resilient whilst being low maintenance and is one of the most sustainable hard woods on the planet. It not only matches our own aesthetic and enhances our line of fire pits, it allows you to use the fire pit on occasions when the fire is not necessary. 
The outdoor Sunbrella covers fit seamlessly over top allowing it to work with these firepits keeping everything in a nice neat package. 
For all enquiries call +44 (0) 1752 313 343 or contact us here. 
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