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Competition equipment within the swimming pool regulations has a strict agenda which should be adherred to. Our range of competition equipment fulfils this criteria. 
Contact us on : 
+44 (0) 1752 313343 
Starting blocks for competition swimming pools, are available in 400mm or 700mm heights. The body of the starting block is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel AISI-316 and its platform ( 50 x 50cm platform is designed to provide added stability for fast and secure take offs) is made of polyester mixed with fiberglass for extra durability. Due to its adjustable capabilities the platform can also be set in a slightly different position (200mm front/back). 
Our comprehensive designs incorporate front hand grip for the swimmer, our platform's have a special "sand finish" construction to effect an anti-slipping surface of superior traction and performance. 
Each starting block comes in a light blue colour and includes installation anchors.  
SBD-400 Starting Blocks
SDB-400 400MM 
SDB-700 Starting Blocks
SDB-700 700MM 
Turning panels are required in deck-level pools used for swimming competitions. Our turning panels conform to FINA regulations. 
The turning panel allow the swimmer to kick-off from the side of a deck level pool after each turn at the end of the pool. 
The panel is 2.50m long and 0.30m wide, constructed in stainless steel (AISI-316) and white waterproof grilled vertical panel of 30cm width. It is furnished with 2 back supports for a rigid installation on the floor outside the pool. 
Stainless steel (AISI-316) reel system for the storage of the float lines'. Special steering wheel with handle that can store up to 100m Ø140 of float lines. The mechanism bears two wheels and two triangle supports - a pair at each side - which offer greater stability on the floor and also allows fast and easy removal into the storage room. Suitable for 4 x 25m Ø140 float lines or 2 x 50m Ø140 float lines. 
Racing float lines in different colours for competition swimming pools. The float lines are constructed using a combination of float ball/anti-waving disk floater/float ball, all mounted on a stainless steel cord. The special design of the disks allows them to rotate independently, by having this capability the float lines absorb the waves and turbulance created by the swimmers during a race. The strong wave-flow is absorbed faster and more efficiently, dispersing the energy produced along the stainless steel cord in order to optimize pool conditions during practice sessions and competitions. 
FLR-100 - Float line with a rope made of AISI-316-stainless steel. Racing float lines in different colours for competition swimming pools. 
Roma float lines are constructed of blown injected float balls, lined on a stainless steel cord. This type of float line distinguishes the pool lanes for the swimmers, it is supplied already assembled, ready to be positioned and anchored in the water. Line hook and line anchor to be ordered separately. 
The backstroke-turn indicators are flagged ropes which are suspended across the pool, at a distance of 5 metres before each end of the pool. They are to notify the competitors that they are approaching at the pool wall end and should be ready for their backstroke-turn. 
Our kits include support posts (1.80m height and Ø43mm) constructed of heavy duty AISI-316 stainless steel. They feature a mounted bracket which will steady the rope and allow it to be stretched tightly above the pool, the kit also includes assembled red or white triangular flags made of long-lasting waterproof fibre. Each support post requires anchoring fittings (BLA-100) for their adjustment on the concrete (not included). 
The competitors are informed about a potential race false start when the rope is dropped -manually- across the pool's width. False start posts are support posts - 1.80m height and Ø43mm - made of heavy duty stainless steel AISI-316. PPP-180 bears a special pulley to guide the loosening rope towards its fall on the water surface, while PPB-180 features a bracket for the rope's tightening. Quick release rope (12.5 or 21m length) with float balls is adjusted on the posts, to effectively cover all lanes when activated. Support posts require anchoring fittings for their adjustment on the concrete (not included). 
For all enquiries call  
UK +44 (0) 1752 313 343 
India +91 98 92 62 20 16 
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