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CCI Night Picture of the pool
CCI Day shot of swimming pool
CCI Children's pool
The Cricket Club of India has a proud tradition of providing its membership with high class sporting facilities as well as providing a stadium fit to home both domestic and international cricket since 1933. It was because of this tradition that the CCI in 2016 started the process of designing and installing a new swimming pool into their club in Mumbai. 
Although it was painstaking in its conception, the swimming pool committee were committed in having a modern competition standard pool, children’s pool and a landscaped surrounding area which was in keeping with its traditions, environmentally friendly and encompassing the expectations of the membership. It was clear very early on that just refurbishing their existing pool would not be good enough and the decision was made to totally rebuild the pool with a new pool room in which to install all the water treatment equipment and provide a pool that would be up to competition standards. 
All the swimming pool design and specification drawings were finalised with the help of their technical consultant Mr Amar Mastakar and their design consultants P. G. Patki Architects, who together with their main equipment supplier UK based Thermalec International Ltd and its Indian subsidiary Thermalec Pool and Spa PVT came together in a joint effort. 
Pool Specification: 
1. Pool size: 25metres x 20 metres 
2. Depth: 0.9 to 1.8 metres 
3. Number of swimming lanes: 8 
4. Water to be temperature controlled throughout the year. 
5. High quality advanced water treatment. 
Equipment supplied and installed by Thermalec International: 
1. Heat pumps with chiller facilities to control the water temperature 
2. Chemical dosing system, to monitor the pH and chlorine levels 
3. Ultraviolet light system to control the water quality to a higher level 
4. Special Media Filtration 
5. Ozonation to remove organics 
6. Design of pump room 
7. Installation of all equipment in the pump room 
8. Commissioning of all equipment. 
The building of the pool was completed over a 12-month period and the pool was officially opened in March 2018 by the club President Mr Premal Udani. Since this time the pool who had an original specification of 75 people per day has seen the numbers grow by an average of 200% and the pool has had the capability to hold its safety level because of the high-quality design and the equipment used. Several competitions have been held in the pool with many other requests from other clubs and associations. The growth of the foot fall has encouraged the committee to refurbish an existing catering facility to a high and modern standard that allows families to enjoy the pool and create a family friendly environment around the pool area. 
The committee have said that the new pool has brought young and old members together with many bringing their children and grandchildren because of the safe environment and water quality the pool has brought to the club. 
The pool is now the best swimming pool facility in Mumbai and has drawn a lot of admiring glances from other clubs, Thermalec International Ltd are proud to have provided a high quality service to the CCI and to have fulfilled their original promise to bring to the CCI a swimming pool that the committee and its membership would be proud of and become the envy of other clubs in the surrounding area. 
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